Tofer Brown

P= Producer, W= Writer, M= Mixer, A= Arranger


Jillian Jacqueline Side A EP Big Loud P/CW
Keith Urban Upcoming LP Capitol CP/CW
Ilse DeLange Upcoming LP UMG P/CW
Jon Pardi “Night Shift” Capitol CW
Greg Holden “Hold On Tight,” “It’ll All Come Out,” “Bulletproof” WBR CW
Dan Tyminksi “Wailing Wall” UMG/Mercury CW
Ruelle “War of Hearts,” “Big Guns” Indie P/CW/M
Ruelle “Bad Dream” Indie CW
Tritonal & CashCash “Untouchable” Atlantic CW
Tritonal “Running Into Me,” “Tele Vuoto,” “Get Away” Enhanced CW
Marit Larsen When the Morning Comes WB Norway CP
Marit Larsen “Shine On (Little Diamond),” “Before You Fell,” “Please Don’t Fall for Me,” “I’d Do It Again,” “When the MOrning Comes” WB Norway CP/CW
The Music of Nashville “One Works Better,” “Speak to Me,” “Rose and Thorn” Lions Gate CW