Ulrich Wild

P = Producer, W = Writer, M = Mixer, E= Engineer, A = Arranger, MAS = Mastering


Precious Child WhollohW Shadow Sunrise MAS
Precious Child Wholesale Soul Sail Shadow Sunrise P/M/E/MAS
Precious Child “Heart.Gif,” “Fear In The Rain” Shadow Sunrise P/M/E/MAS
Raven Black 13 WURMgroup P/M/E/MAS
Raven Black “Carnival,” “Risen From The Ashes,” “He Is The One” WURMgroup P/M/E/MAS
Aboleth Benthos WURM P/M/E/MAS
Dirty Machine “Further From You,” “Against The World” Zombie Shark P/M/E
Eat The Wolf Act 2 Indie M
Eat The Wolf Act 1 Indie M
Fiddle Witch and the Demons of Doom “Midnight Mayhem” Domo Records P/M/E
American Super Model All Young Hearts Indie M
Kasstrick Bacteria “Industrial Cyborg” Indie M
Void Vator “Put Away Wet” WURMgroup P/M/E/MAS
Void Vator Dehumanized WURM P/M/E/MAS
Geil U.K. Blowing Up The World With Awesomeness WURMgroup P/M/E/MAS/W
Geil U.K. Birthday Extravaganza WURMgroup P/M/E/MAS/W
Core 10 “Introspection” Core 10 P/M/E
Core 10 “Unforgotten” WURMgroup P/M/E
Core 10 “Jump,” “Cross The Mosh” Independent Ear M
Soil “Give Me Some Lovin'” Pavement Entertainment M
Thrillsville Haunt Music No Comment Records MAS
Thrillsville It’s Not So Scary No Comment Records MAS
Thrillsville “Fever,” “Second Sleep,” “So Close” Thrillsville Music P/M/E/MAS
The Outfit The Outfit Pavement Entertainment M/MAS
ERIC13 “I Wanna Chainsaw Your Face” WURM P/M/E/MAS
Everybody Panic “No One Gets Out Alive” Everybody Panic M
Onesidezero Onesidezero WURM P/M/E/MAS
Source Totality Pavement Entertainment P/M/E/MAS
Gabriel and the Apocalypse Alpha Bionic Pavement Entertainment M/MAS
Walking With Lions “Ghost” Independent Ear M
Saudade Shadows and Light Sargent House A/E
All-Some Fireball Britton P/M/E
Atomflower “Beauty,” “Slip Away” It School Music M
Psychotic Waltz The God-Shaped Void Inside Out E
Rhianna Terrell “Somebody Else,” “Unworthy” WURM P/M/E/MAS
Andy The Kid Lynchpin Indie P/M/E
Skinlab Venomous Art Is War P/M/E/MAS
Here Comes The Kraken Hate Greed & Death 666mx M
Billy Morrison Stimulator King Mob P/M/E
Deftones B-Sides & Rarities Maverick E
Emilie Autumn Fight Like A Girl Indie M/MAS
No One Is Innocent Utopia Capitol P/E/M
Soil Picture Perfect Bieler Bros. E
Speak No Evil Welcome To The Downside Universal Motown M
Nativity In Black “NIB,” “Iron Man,” “Children of the Grave” Sony E
Green Jelly 333 Zoo E
9mm Solution The Dream is Dead Rock Ridge M
Piel 44 Indie M
Precious Child Bloody Knees Shadow Sunrise M
ERIC13 “Devil’s Highway” WURM P/M/E/MAS
Raven Black Seven Sins WURM P/M/E/MAS
Media Solution The Prelude Pavement P/M/E
Beasto Blanco Beasto Blanco Rat Pak Records M
Nukem The Unholy Trinity Sleaszy Rider Records M/MAS
Death Valley High CVLT [AS FVCK] Minus Head P/M/E
Son of Sanford “Follow Me From Hell” Indie M
Joelle Haddad “All the Same” Indie M
iT Use the Machine Indie M
Precious Child “The Past” Shadow Sunrise M/MAS
Brendon Small Galaktikon II: Become The Storm BS/Megaforce P/M/E
Chrysalis Reminder Chrysalis Music P/E
Bellusira The Healing Indie P/M/E/CW
Leeja Stark Cosmic Queen Indie M/MAS
Dope “Selfish” Entertainment One M
(hed)PE Evolution Pavement Records M
Dethklok Metalocalypse: Doomstar Requiem BS Records P/M/E
Romantic Rebel Romantic Rebel Pavement Records P/M/E
SOiL Whole Pavement Records P/M/E
OTEP Hydra Victory W/P/E/M
Dethkok Dethalbum 3 Williams Street P/E/M
Stolen Babies Naught No Comment Records P/E/M
Brendon Small Brendon Small’s Galaktikon BS Records E/M
Otep Atavist Victory P/CW/E/M
Dangerous! Teenage Rampage Epitaph P/E
Thousand Foot Krutch Live At The Masquerade DVD Tooth & Nail M
Cellout Superstar Prototype Nuerra M
M.A.N Massive Audio Nerve Tiefdruck M
Children 18:3 “Rains A Comin” Tooth and Nail M
Otep Smash The Control Machine Victory P/E/M
L.U.S.T. First Tattoo MGM M
Doyle And Gods Will…. Mistirioux M
That Noise! Derivatives Blacktooth M
Sex Slaves Call Of The Wild Loch Ness Records P/M/E
Tony MacAlpine Edge Of Insanity Favored Nations M
Cynergy67 Project:Assimilation Digital Transmission M
Skank Confessions Of A Failure Bouncing Betty M
Julian Shah-Thayler Coito Ergo Sum Impossible Things M
Strung Out Twisted By Design Fat Wreck Chords P/E/M
Strung Out Crossroads And Illusions Fat Wreck Chords P/E/M
Dethklok Dethalbum II Williams St CP/E/M
The Kordz Beauty and The East Temple P/E/M
Showbread Anorexia & Nervosa Tooth and Nail M
Mindless Self Indulgence “Never Wanted To Dance” The End E/M
Mindless Self Indulgence “Shut Me Up” Metropolis E/M
Project 86 “Picket Fence Cartel” Tooth and Nail CP/E
Project 86 “Rival Factions” Tooth and Nail P/E/M
Dethklok The Dethalbum Williams St CP/E/M
Opiate For The Masses Manifesto Century Media P/E
Lock 13 Inner Enemy Mortal Music M
Soil True Self DRT Ent P/E/M
Static X “Start A War” Warner Bros P/E/M
Static X “Beneath…Between…Beyond” Warner Bros P/E/M
Static X “Shadow Zone” Warner Bros M
Static X “Machine Warner Bros P/E/M
Static X Wisconsin Death Trip Warner Bros P/E/M
Static X “Speedway” for NASCAR MCA P/E/M
Static X “So Real” for Scream 3 OST Bicycle P/E/M
Seether “Out Of My Way” Wind Up P/E/M
Bleeding Through This Is Love This Is Murderous Trustkill P/E/M/MAS
Master Stone Temple Pilots Thank You WEA E
Limp Bizkit Results May Vary InterscopeFlip E
Rob Zombie Past. Present & Future Geffen E
28 Days Extremist Makeover Mushroom Records P/E/M
Deftones White Pony Maverick AP/M
Deftones Around The Fur Maverick E
Deftones Adrenaline Maverick E
Deftones “Teething” The Crow ST Maverick P/E/M
Breaking Benjamin Saturate Hollywood P/E
Taproot Gift Atlantic P/E/M
Buckcherry Buckcherry Dreamworks AE
Staind Dysfuction Flip E
Powerman 5000 Tonight The Stars Revolt Dreamworks P/E/M
Grinspoon Pushing Buttons Universal P/E/M
Grinspoon Guide To Better Living Universal P/E/M
Grinspoon “Lost Control” Final Destination ST Universal M
White Zombie Supersexy Swinging Sounds Geffen E
White Zombie “Feed The Gods” for Airheads OST Geffen E
White Zombie “I Am The One” for Escape From LA OST Atlantic E
White Zombie Astro, Creep:2000 Geffen E
White Zombie “Ratfink Suicide Tanks & Cannibal Girls” Beavis & Butthead ST Geffen CP/E/M
White Zombie “Boogie Man” The Crow II ST Geffen CP/E/M
Wicked Wisdom Wicked Wisdom 100% Womon P/E/M
Stutterfly And We Are Bled Of Color Maverick P/E
Pantera Great Southern Trendkill Electra E
Stabbing Westward Darkest Days Koch CP/E/M
Apartment 26 Hallucinating Hollywood P/E/M
Incubus S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Sony E
P.O.D. “Whatever It Takes” Any Given Sunday ST Atlantic M
Handsome Handsome Sony E
Fu Manchu “Unknown World” Mammoth E
Snoop Doggy Dog Doggy Style Deathrow/Interscope E
Prong Rude Awakening Epic E
Testeagles Non Comprehendus Krell M
Skunk Loto “Vinegar Stroke & Lift” Dreamworks M
Sting “Demolition Man” Demolition Man ST UMG E/Surround Sound M
Fishbone Give A Monkey A Brain Sony E
Green Jelly 333 Zoo M/E
Janes Addiction “So What?” Kettle Whistle Warner Bros Digital Editing
P.O.D “Freestyle” Ready To Rumble ST Atlantic M
Skrape New Killer America RCA P/E/M
The Union Underground “Turn Me On Mr Deadman” “Killing the Fly” Columbia P/E
Hed PE “Crosstown Traffic”, for Nascar MCA P/E
Snoop with Rage Against The Machine “Snoop Bounce” Deathrow/Interscope E
Powerman 5000 “The End Is Over” Titan A.E. ST   P/M
Slipknot “(SIC)” Roadrunner M
Halfcocked Last Star Dreamworks P/E/M