Mark Rains

P= Producer, W= Writer, M= Mixer, E=Eng, A= Arranger


Marco Rima Upcoming M 2 Inch Records
Shem Thomas “We Just Need a Little” M Universal
Rooftop Sailors Mazes and Dead Ends M 2 Inch Records
Shooter Jennings Don’t Wait Up (For George) E Black Country Rock
Miya Folick Strange Darling P/E/M Miya Folick
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Live in Paris M Abstract Dragon/Vagrant
Death Valley Girl Electric High 7″ M/E Lollipop Records
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Specter At The Feast P/E/M Abstract Dragon/Vagrant
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Beat The Devils Tattoo E/M Vagrant
Rival Sons Pressure and Time E/M Self Release
Waylon Jennings Waylon Forever E/M Vagrant
Summer Twins Forget Me EP M/E Burger Records
Jail Weddings Meltdown: A Declaration of Unpopular Emotion P/E/M Neurotic Yell Records
Jail Weddings Four Future Standards E/M Neurotic Yell Records
Black Apples Cover Up b/w Morning Song 7″ P/E/M Self Release
Black Apples Tales and Truths EP P/E/M Self Release
White Murder S/T M/E Recess/Razorcake
White Murder Arteries b/w Shutter Speed 7″ P/E/M Self Release
Robert Francis Heaven M Aeronaut Records
Rod Melancon Parish Lines M/E Medina River Records
Amy Blashcke Opaline M/E TBA
Death Valley Girls Street Venom M/E Burger Records
Teenage Exorcists S/T EP M/E Self Release
The Luxembourg Signal S/T M Shelflife
Gothic Tropic Upcoming Release P/E/M Old Flame Records
Bixby Knolls Upcoming Release M/E TBA
Brian Whelan Upcoming Release P/E/M TBA
The Echo & the Sound It’s Execution M/E Self Release
Twinstar The Sound of Leaving M/E Commercial Suicide
Sir Madam Crooked Teeth M/E Self Release
Cotillon White Roses EP P/E/M Self Release
Cotillon Votive Flower P/E/M Self Release
Little Dove S/T M Self Release
Dandelo In My Head P/E/M Self Release
Daniel Bonte Enough EP E/M Self Release
Jimmer Podrasky The Would Be Plans E Self Release
Juliette Commagere Human E Aeronaut Records
Habits Train Wrecks E TBA
Halos The Renegade E/M Mandrake Records
Mothers of Gut Buildings E Family Time Records
Steven Roth Let It In M Self Release
The Cracks Forthcoming EP M Self Release
A Thousand Horses The Landslide EP M S.O.S. NOW Records
Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown Wild Child M Carved Records
We Were Indians Forthcoming LP E/M TBA
White Murder Split Single w/Family Curse E/M Doormat Records
Zero Toy 7″ E/M Self Release
The Black Apples Upcoming LP P/E/M Self Release
Cannoneers ST P/E/M Self Release
Neon Trees Habits E Island
Raw Geronimo Dream Fever P/M/E Neurotic Yell Records
Joachim Cooder Love on a Real Train E Aeronaut Records
Dahga Bloom ST M/Mstr RJR Records
Gothic Tropic Awesome Problems E/M New Professor
Granville Automatic ST E/M Self Release
Vulture Whale Long Time Listener First Time Caller P/E/M Ol’ Elegante
Vulture Whale ST M SkyBucket Records
Hallucinations High EP E/M Self Release
Hell City Rockers ST E/M Self Release
Indians ST E/M Self Release
Jamey Johnson Guitar Song E Mercury
Ted Russell Kamp Get Back to the Land E/M Self Release
The King Cheetah Museum of Tolerance E/M Clearcut Records
Kyle Krone For Those Who Think Young P/E/M/Mstr Self Release
Lions in the Street Forthcoming EP M Self Release
Lugnuts American Made E/M Self Release
Glen Martin Forthcoming EP M/Mstr Self Release
Birds of a Black Feather S/T EP E Self Release
Nous Non Plus Freudian Slip E Aeronaut
Hunter Perrin Le Flashcube E/M Self Release
Philip Sayce Ruby Electric M Provogue
Twinstar The Sound of Leaving E/M Self Release
Whispering Pines S/T E/M Self Release
A Thousand Horses S/T EP E/M DGC/Interscope
Robert Francis 2 tracks M Atlantic
Terra Naomi Go Quietly P/E/M Self Release
The Ringers Headlocks and Highkicks E/M Fort Mason
The Shys You’ll Never Understand This Band The Way I Do P/E/M Aeronaut
Terra Naomi Under The Influence M Universal/Island
Shooter Jennings The Wolf E/M Universal South
Shooter Jennings Live At Irving Plaza M Universal South
Phillip Sayce Silver Wheel Of Stars E/M Self Release
Brent Cobb No Place To Leaave E/M Beverly Martel
Ted Russell Kamp Nashville Fineline E/M Poetry of The Moment
Ted Russell Kamp Divasadero E/M Poetry of The Moment
Michael Johns Michael Johns E/M Beverly Martel
Idyllists EP E/M Baby Hurricane
The Shys Astoria E/M Sire
The Pacific Smoke and Mirrors E/M Intravenous
Shooter Jennings Put Back The “O” In Country E/M Universal South
Shooter Jennings Electric Rodeo E/M Universal South
Carter Falco If it Ain’t One Thing E/M CMH
Leroy Powell Leroy Powell E/M Self Release
The Strays Life Support from Transporter 2 ST E/M TVT
The Strays Le Futur Noir E/M TVT
Rock N Roll Soldiers So Many Musicians To Kill E/M Atlantic
Rock N Roll Soldiers The Two EPs E/M Atlantic
The Close Sunburn E/M Goodnight Records
Lucy Walsh Alive At Last E/M Columbia
Helen Stellar The Opening Credits Compulsion E/M Self Release
The Local Division Pure Electric Light E/M Intravenous
Ninja Academy Bra’ka dOm M Ninjanuity
Hidden Everything You Ever Wanted M Montestyle
El Pus Hoodlum Rock Vol 1 M Virgin
The Years, Let Them Tremble E/M TVT
The Years Know You Wanna E/M TVT
Twinstar Dead Son M Commercial Suicide
Count The Stars Never Be Taken Alive E/M Victory
The Close It’s A Secret To Everybody E/M Moodswing
David Roland The Hum Of Anxiety E/M New Sound Conspiracy