Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount (ZK Productions)

P= Producing, W= Writing, M= Mixing, E=Engineering, A= Arranging, R=Recording


We Are Forever Upcoming Indie P
BryanStars Follow Your Dreams Indie P/R/M
Never Let This Go Believe Indie P/R/M
Mitch Watt Upcoming Indie M
Chapel Upcoming LP Rise Records P/R/M
Stephen Flickner Remember This EP Indie CW/P/R/M
We Are the In Crowd Best Intentions Hopeless P/E/M
Jason Lancaster As You Are Fearless Records P/M
Tiffany Houghton “High” Crowd Surf P/M
Lauren Wilhelm “Let It Go” (Cover) Indie P/M
Death of Paris Gossip  Indie P/M
Crystal Hopkins “Lil Ole Me” Indie P/M
Longreef Dirty Motel Longreef Music LLC M
The Resolution “Maple Avenue” Ultraviolet Records M
Mayday Parade Monsters In The Closet Fearless Records P
Stages and Stereo Small Town Favorites EP P
Divided By Friday Modern Memoirs EP Hopeless Records P
Waking Heros One Fight to Fight EP P
Cartel Collider M
Built On Secrets The Disconnect P/E/M
Set It Off Cinematics Equal Vision P/E/M
We Are The In Crowd Guaranteed To Disagree P/E/M
Mayday Parade Mayday Parade Atlantic P/E/M
Mayday Parade A Lesson In Romantics Fearless P/E
Swimming With Dolphins Water Colours Tooth & Nail P/E/M
The Well Reds Violet The Well Reds P/CW/E/M
Official Hot Mess “Money Makes The Girls Go Round” P/CW/M
Go Radio Do Overs & 2nd Chances Fearless P/CW/M
Young and Divine Young & Divine RCA P/CW/E/M
Artist vs Poet Favorite Fix Fearless P/CW/M
The Summer Set Love Like This Razor & Tie M
The Ready Set I’m Alive I’m Dreaming Warner Bros P/E/M
The Ready Set Stays Four The Same EP Warner Bros P/E/M
All Time Low iTunes Live Sessions Hopeless M
All Time Low Put Up Or Shut Up Hopeless M
The Fold Neverender The Fold P/E/M
The Bigger Lights Fiction Fever Doghouse P/E/M
Holiday Parade Tickets and Passports Holiday Parade P/E/M
Holiday Parade This Is My Life Holiday Parade P/E/M
Hit The Lights Skip School, Start Fights Triple Crown M
Seven Story Fall Various Tracks P/E/M
Thrash Unreal Various Tracks P/E/M
The American Life All The Things I’ve Grow To” P/E/M
Go Crash Audio Dear, Song In My Head P/E/M
Every Avenue “Picture Perfect” Fearless AP/CW
Every Avenue “Shh Just Go With It” Fearless P/E/M
I Rival formerly ESME Don’t Wake Up P/CW/E/M
Driving East The Future Of The Free World Is Riding On This The Milita Group P/E/M
TVTV Something To Get Excited About P/E/M/CW
The Hint The Hint P/E/M
Inside The Flame A Story To Grow On P/E/M
Cartel Cartel, Militia Group Epic P/E/M
Cartel Chroma,Militia Group Epic P/E/M
Sick City Nightlife Trustkill P/E/M
Bedlight For Blue Eyes Life On Lifes Terms Trustkill P/E/M
The Fold Secrets Keep You Sick Tooth & Nail P/E
The Less Loud Machines P/E/M
Time Tells All Sweep The Nation P/E/M
Doria Roberts Woman Dangerous Hurricane Doria P/E/M
/Collective Soul From The Ground Up El Music E/M